The Herpain Group : A relationship of trust

Any construction project is a real human adventure. Attentive to its clients and their needs, the Herpain Group is strengthening its mandate as a general contractor based on relationships of trust established at the beginning of a project with its various partners.

Nearby and flexible

A flexible and dynamic service offering, using the best available skills and working with outstanding and resourceful teams have been the backbone of the Herpain Group’s solid reputation for over 80 years.

The family structure of the shareholdings ensures the complete independence of its decisionmakers, the carrying out of activity exclusively centered around real estate and the coherent manner in which its teams and projects are managed. Operating within a group that brings together all its skills in real estate matters, the Herpain Group accompanies the construction site owner before, during and after the development of his project.

A different approach

The Guaranteed Project Partnership service, which the Herpain Group offers prior to the start of the project, combines, from the outset, the technical skills of general construction with the creativity of the architect and the advice of the research departments. The service offers clients the guarantee of a totally transparent and agreed budget and a rapid decision-making process.

Teams trained to perform

At each step of the project, performance research is combined with the experience and the wide decision-making powers of on-site staff. Quality, the ability to stay within budget, swiftness of execution and performance all allow the Herpain Group to guarantee the development, carrying out and promotion of the most ambitious real estate projects.

Building approval certificate
Certificat ISO 14001
Certificat ISO 9001

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